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My seven year old pyrenees is lethargic, soar all over, 9 lb. weight loss in couple months, depressed and basically not himself. You can see pain in his face. He fell apart in about two weeks, just all of the sudden. His ears hurt, then his mouth was sore, then his front right leg was weak, then his rear legs. He was mobile and happy prior to the past two weeks. No vomiting or diarrhea at all.
Blood tests, lymes, heart worm and full x-rays and multiple vet checks all show an extremely healthy dog. Started on a regimen of antibiotics, then prednisone and Tramadol to assist with the pain and to try and boost his system.
Pred. helped his appetite and his achy joints.
Realize too, he needs response time from pred. We are weening him slowly off all meds. to try and diagnose his health without medication in his system.
Also realize he is a senior boy, but to fall apart in two weeks time??? Can't imagine he could go downhill with arthritis so quickly. His x-rays show hips, patella's and other joints are in great condition for his age.
No visible signs of cancer. Breathing good and lungs checked out in x-ray.
He still looks and feels miserable and wines in middle of night. (And no, he's not dreaming.) Maybe Addison's? However, not all symptoms present.

Any ideas??? I know my boy... and something's wrong.
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