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Diabetes Insipidus

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I'm new here. My 2 year old Great Pyrenees, Imo, has been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus after various forms of testing:mad:. She is now on Desmopressin for the rest of her life. Good news is that I think it is working:D. It has only been a day. The bad news is it is a very expensive drug. Something like 100 bucks a month :eek: for the cheaper injection method.

My question:
Does anyone here have any experience with this? Are there pet insurance out there that may cover this preexisting condition. Any RX discount programs that could be useful to knock down that monthly bill?

Thanks in advance for any useful guidance. :cool:

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Insipidus, the other diabetes. I'd be researching raw diet for that one. Raw allows you go go sugar/carb/grain etc free, allows you full control of what your dog eats. Raw meat also contains alot of moisture - where kibble requires water absorbed into the bowel for proper digestion.

One of the issues with commercial foods is that you really don't know how much content of some ingredients is... Low sodium, lots of water,
pretty unlikely they will be able to claim it as a congenital condition at 2 years of age (likely your pet would have succumbed by now had she had it that long untreated). Not in any way related to Diabetes melitis and NOT a disease that is responsive to diet changes by the way. Pretty rare disease. Only seen a half dozen in career. But at least it is very responsive to treatment (though costly as you have noted).
Any of the pet insurance policies I know of, all exclude any pre-existing condtion.
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