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2013 Detector Dog Seminar
Presented by: Law Enforcement Training Services L.L.C. Hosted by: The Wall Township Police Department Dates: April 29th thru May 3rd,2013
Location Wall Township -Monmouth County, New Jersey
April 29th: Record Keeping and Legal Update: With many monumental detector dog, and patrol dog, cases being decided right now by the United States Supreme Court don’t leave your record keeping or compliance with recent decisions to chance! Proper training techniques, documentation that proves the reliability of the K9 team and credible court recognized certification is a must. This course will also cover the recent Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals case of Gemperline v. City of Springboro Ohio.
Cost $95. Limited to 50 students
April 30, May 1and May 2nd: This course is intended for trained detector dog teams. This 24 hour training program is designed to enhance the detection skills of the K9 team. Canine teams will be exposed to both time tested and currently popular training techniques. Canines will be exposed to a variety of search areas such as, cars, motor homes, box trucks, aircraft, warehouses, convention center, and possibly a passenger train and large commercial vessel. This course utilizes a proven program that has been taught nationwide countless times by some of the nation’s top trainers.
Cost $295. Limited to 21 working spots and three assistant instructor spots for individuals wishing to learn the program, recommended for trainers and future trainers. Observer spots are available at the cost of $150.
May 3rd: Certification and problem solving. Certification testing will be offered utilizing United States Customs Service Standards, and issued through Positive Response Canine L.L.C.. The courts have stressed the importance of outside independent testing and certification of detector dog teams by qualified persons and/or organizations. Testing will be followed by one on one problem solving to end the week.
Cost $95. Again, there will be a limited number of slots
To register, obtain additional information on the seminar or make lodging arrangements contact Tom Conroy at 609-548-8543 or by e-mail at [email protected] See Reverse side for instructor bios:

Instructors for the 2013 Detector Dog Seminar
Mark Robertson, Retired Lieutenant, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department Tennessee and owner of Positive Response Canines- a private detector dog training center
Mr. Robertson began work as a patrol and narcotics canine handler, trainer, supervisor and Unit Commander in 1987. He has worked and trained K-9 teams for search warrants, package and freight, airport, mini-storage and highway interdictions. He is also a graduate of the United States Customs Narcotics Detector Dog Technical Trainers School in Front Royal, Virginia, and the FBI National Academy; and works as a U.S.P.C.A. Regional Judge for Patrol and Narcotics dog teams. He has been recognized in State and Federal Courts as an expert in the field of Narcotics Detector Dogs. After 28-years of service with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, he retired as a Lieutenant and has been an instructor with the MCTFT program through the Florida National Guard and St. Petersburg College for the last 12-years.
Frank Campbell, Retired, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, Florida
Frank Campbell has been working with police dogs since 1978 where he began as a dual purpose handler in the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg, NC (118 MP co. Abn.). As a handler since 1984 with Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, he served as an explosive dog, patrol dog, narcotic dog handler, as well as a SWAT member and unit K-9 trainer for a 13 dog unit. He spent eight years in narcotics working with DEA interdiction task force with single purpose drug dogs. Retired in 2007, he worked as the K-9 trainer for the City of St. Petersburg’s 12 dog K-9 unit until November 2010. Now working part time, he is lecturing and instructing at various conferences and seminars. Frank has been involved in training local, national, and international seminars since 1988 in topics ranging from protection to detection and interdiction operations. His resume includes teaching at NNDDA national seminar, USPCA national training seminars, Idaho and Washington State Police K-9 Seminars as well as Law Dog and Hits. He has conducted seminars with PSDK-9, Muddy Boots Tactical, Southerncoast K-9 and is a partner/instructor with TK9O training. Frank is known for his motivational “attention to detail” training lectures, and is a level 2 trainer, Florida instructor/evaluator and national detector dog judge; a present or past member of NAPWDA, USPCA, DVG, NNDA and NARA. Acknowledged and published in magazine articles and books in K-9 training and interdiction operations, he also is the lead instructor and founder of the K-9 operations class at MCTFT which has conducted seminars nationwide since 1994. In addition, he instructs the K9 Instructors Course at St. Petersburg College .
Tom Conroy, Retired Chief, Stafford Township Police, New Jersey
Mr. Conroy began his canine career in 1989 and worked police dogs for 20 years as a handler, trainer and administrator and worked four (4) different dual purpose canines in his career. Chief Conroy’s K9 unit was respected nationwide for their outstanding training and success at certifications and competitions. As Chief, his agency was not only respected for K9 but were also World Swat Team Challenge Champions in 2007 and 2008. Mr. Conroy has both attended and taught countless seminars on police dogs and K9 Unit Management. After retiring with 28 years of service in 2010 Chief Conroy began Law Enforcement Services L.L.C. as a company specializing in police training such as K9, Swat, Physical Fitness and Management and Leadership.
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