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Hello - I have a 15 year old lhasa/cairn mix. For the last 6 months he is definitely showing signs of dementia...but he is not slowing down. He's like a little ol' geezer that refuses to admit he can't do certain things anymore, so he ends up hurting himself. He's been deaf for a couple of years and his eye sight is not great. He has had some very close calls and a several bumps and bruises when he runs into things at full speed. Prior to the dementia, he was a well trained dog who had occasional moments of crazy impressive athletics. Now he has no recall (no hearing), so we can't always stop him from crazy antics.

My vet prescribed Anipryl about 6 months ago, after one very scary incident (He threw a doggy temper tantrum while we were on a walk because he wanted to go home, so he slipped out of his collar, ran across the street in traffic, jumped over a snow mound, and face planted on the concrete on his way down - Note he used to be an absolute gentleman on a leash). I have not given him the Anipryl yet, because I am concerned it will make him hazy or "not himself." I guess after 15 years, I'd rather have him die in an "evil-kanivel" fashion than in a drugged up fog. But today he was running through the sprinklers and body slammed the pergola post. Ouch, so now I'm reconsidering.

Does anyone have experience giving Anipryl? I am aware that once I start, I cannot take him off of it cold turkey.

Any other advice for dealing with doggy dementia - particularly making him more calm. We are trying to release more of his energy with walks, but since his old buddy passed a few months ago, he's not comfortable walking. He literally drags behind us...unless we are on the walk home and then he's pulling us because he wants to go home where he's more comfortable.

Thank You.
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