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I am using an Excalibur Dehydrator. My dog treat biscuits (wheat free, gourmet) are 10 mm or 3/8 of an inch in thickness. I am needing to dehydrate them for nearly 10 hours to get them to be completely dry so they have good crunch and so they can be packaged for sale and will not spoil.

My questions are these:

1. Does dehydrating affect their flavour? If so, do they lose flavour or increase in flavour? (They certainly don't smell as great as they did when I cooked them in my oven).

2. "How" dry do they have to be to ensure they can be safely packaged for sale and will not spoil? At what point are they "dry enough". I don't want to "over-dry" them!

I would also welcome any other tips / knowledge on dehydrating dog treats.
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