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FYI - We have contacted the vet and are seeing her tomorrow & I'm not posting here in lieu of seeing our doctor

My 10 month old minpin/chihuahua mix has been having issues ever since I adopted her at 9 weeks old with her stomach.

When we first adopted her she had parasites/worms etc and was cleared and then got reinfected but then has been clear for months now.

She has always had on and off bursts of diarrhea (she is potty trained but would go in her cage in the middle of the night) but we finally found a food (Blue Buffalo puppy food) and it finally all stopped and everything was great. When her stomach was acting up we gave her pumpkin and the issue would resolve in a few hours.

Now for the past week, it started again and it seems that she is sensitive to her food again and has diarrhea in her cage, itching like crazy & having accidents in the house.

Do any of you have any diet recommendations for your sensitive pup? The lady at the pet store told us to mix up wet and dry food etc. For now we are feeding her boiled steak and rice and that still upsets her stomach, actually worse than the puppy food!

Seeking any and all advice! She has energy and is playful and seems healthy otherwise.
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