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About a week and a half ago, my parents' dog Taz (purebred Jack Russell), jumped off the couch and ripped his nail off on his front paw. My parents failed to ever cut his nails, so you can imagine they were long (about 1 1/2 inches). I went over their house as soon as they called and told them I would pay for the vet visit as long as he goes to my vet. He was taken a week ago.......long story short:
- he ripped his nail to the quick
- Vet gave him ant-inflammatory and antibiotics
Went to my back to their house to check on him and now he has this eraser (like on a pencil) sized lump on top of the digit?? that is next to the nail that he broke off. They did not tell me about it and they said it had appeared a few days ago. It is a really weird color and I am sitting here trying to think of how to describe it...... dark like brown with tints of pink. Anyone know what his maybe??? Thanks for the help in advance!!!:confused:
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