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Crate during the day - 8 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy

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Hello experts. We've got Max, an 8 weeks old light Golden Retriever, last Saturday Feb the 20th. He is a very smart and handsome guy and it seems he is picking up the house training pretty well. At least I think.

I usually work from home. Some days are more flexible than others. My question is about the crate time. Usually I take Max out each 30 minutes to 1 hour. Whenever I can I play with him for a while before put him back in his crate. Assuming I'm having a pretty busy and not flexible day, what'd be the maximum time I could left him in the crate? I mean, can I take him outside, bring him inside the house, play for 5 to 10 minutes and then put him back to the crate and just let him out 1 hour late to do everything all over again?

I'm also having a such hard time to have my wife onboard. She lost her old dog couple months ago and now I think it will take some time before she comes along. Don't take me wrong, she loves Max and treats him very well, but sometimes she doesn't want to "give up" some of her time to put an eagle eye on him. Today, for example, we were doing great and without any accidents since yesterday. I was on my office on a conference with a customer. She was playing with Max then she pooped on the living room, for the 1st time since we brought him home. I was kind of pissed because she was supposed to look after him but she was doing some other stuff, then she yelled at me saying that was my idea bring a dog home :headbash:

That's why I'm asking about the crate time so I can try to manage my schedule and maybe hire someone to help me out during my busy days and also when I have to travel for work, which I do a lot!

Thank you y'all!
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Hi there- Congrats on your new puppy! I am NO expert by any means. However, I am a new puppy owner too (I have an 8 year old dog who is well trained), and when we first got our new puppy I was very curious about schedules and the crate. So, I joined this forum for answers.

Here's what i know:
1. Puppies like their crates and feel like it's their den (once they get used to it). They typically keep it clean and won't soil it, so it helps them learn to hold their bladders.

2. Puppies can be in their crates during the day: number of months they are plus one. So, if he's 2 months old, he can stay up to 3 hours, but never more than 5 or so (once they are older).

3. We crate trained both our dogs and my now 18 week old puppy is completely housebroken and doing great. He likes his crate and never whines.

4. Always potty immediately after the puppy gets out of the crate and before they go in again.

Here's the schedule that worked for us (everyone is different):
7 am up, up and outside to potty
Eat and play

8- 10 in crate for nap

10 up to potty and play

11- back in crate

1 up - potty, eat lunch and play

3-5 in crate

5-7 up and playing while making dinner

in crate while we eat dinner

up and playing until bedtime.

Now, Buster, our puppy can stay in the crate up to 4 hours at a time. He sleeps from 10-7 without needing to potty or get up in the night. (he's never needed to get up in the night) He is 8 pounds.

Hope this helps some!
Best of luck!
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Thank you for your help and for sharing your thoughts @jkreyn13! We've been following a schedule very close to yours. So far Max has been picking up the house training quicker than I've thought! He is definitely smarter than me! :thumbsup:

He is sleeping pretty much all night and had only 3 accidents after we start with his schedule, which I consider very normal once he is a little baby. He is sitting already and also starting to ask to go potty by barking at the front door.

Thank you once again!
I am laughing b/c if you re-read what you wrote, it sounds as if your WIFE pooped on the floor :D

But otherwise, you got great advice so nothing to add :):)
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I am laughing b/c if you re-read what you wrote, it sounds as if your WIFE pooped on the floor :D

But otherwise, you got great advice so nothing to add :):)
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Stupid typos! Lol. I'm afraid I cannot edit the thread to fix it. I hope my wife doesn't find it Hahaha! :thumbsup:
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