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The curfews and lockdowns due to Covid-19 may restrict you to the confines of your home, but this is great news for your dog. They get to spend quality time with you throughout the day as you relax at home. It’s a great chance to boost your bond with your furry friend and play many games together. In this article, we inform you about how to care for your pet dog during the self-isolation period and ensure both enjoy the companionship.

Keep a Good Stock of Pet Food
Maintain adequate stock of pet food and give tasty treats to your dog during meal times. You should also keep medications and supplements at hand so that you don’t need to visit the vet clinic or pet store for them. In this way, you can maintain your dog’s good health.

Exercise with Your Dog
Play you with your dog when you’re free from your work-at-home schedule if any. This can help to relieve stress for your pet and you. If permitted by regulations, get fresh air by taking a walk or jog with your dog. They’ll enjoy the workout as it’ll give them a chance to relieve the tedium of being confined at home.

It’s Safe to Play with Your Dog
The WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that there’s no evidence to support that animals, including dogs, transmit the coronavirus. So, you can play freely with your pet without any fear. Give them quality time and cherish the period together.

Maintain Precautions
However, it is essential for you to maintain recommended safety protocols to make sure you and your dog stay healthy. After their daily walk outside the home, clean their paws with a disinfectant, and brush their hair. You should also give your pet regular baths so they’re sanitized and clean. In addition, you should also follow sanitization guidelines to protect your dog.

Don’t let them Overeat
You should take care not to give too many treats to your furry friend and make them overweight. Breeds like Retrievers and Labradors can easily put on weight if they get a little exercise. Provide treats to your dog only during meal times strictly and avoid giving the indulgent snacks now and then. Train your pet to expect food only at their mealtimes.

Calm them down
Your dog may become jittery or impatient because they are confined to the home for long periods. Calm them down with soothing words and behavior, and make them feel happy. Pet and massage them for a long time to relieve their anxiety. Try music and aromatherapy to alleviate their stress.

Wrap Up
Covid-19 can be a disguised blessing for your dog as they can spend more time with their pet parent. Make this period enjoyable for both you and your pet. Indulge their whims but take care to follow health guidelines and Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure the wellbeing of you and your dog.
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