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Course Coat

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Our new dog's coat is pretty course. We're in the middle of switching his food to a better quality kibble, so we're hoping that will help. But what can we do to make him a little more soft/shiny? He seems to have dry skin too. He's a bit scratchy.
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What are you feeding now, and what are you switching to? You can add in some fish oil.
What breed is he? And what is your grooming routine?
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You didn't say what breed he is. Some breeds just have course coats. You should probably talk to a professional groomer, he or she might be able to steer you towards a product that could help. If he suffers from itchy skin, you can try an omega 3 supplement in his food. If that doesn't work, time to consult with a Vet.
I also meant to ask about the breed, but I was on my phone when I was posting and the keyboard quit on me. I think my phone got to warm. But anyway, yes breed is another factor. Some do have coarser coats.
He's a border collie. I'm not sure what his old food was, but we are feeding him Orijen now. Right now we don't have a big grooming routine yet - he's been with us less than a week.
Orijen is a good food, so give it some time to help. How long it takes depends on how much extra junk there is to work out of his system from the old food. Some fish oil wouldn't hurt either in the mean time.

Border Collies aren't coarse coated breeds like terriers are, so good food should help.

How about worms? Has a fecal been done? If not I would have one done and deworm if needed. Worms can cause rough coats as well.
No worms that we know of, but he has his first appointment on Wednesday. So we will find out for sure soon! What would a good grooming regime be for him?
Probably a good brushing a couple times a week, and a bath once a month or so if needed. I don't have BC's, I have Aussies, but I think I would go about it the same way as I do with mine.
For the itchiness - I would recommend a shampoo that has hydrocortisone in it. That helped my pup a lot!
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