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I have an 8 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi (female. Spayed September 2018). My wife and I got her at 10 weeks old and ever since then she has had the following issues (the breeder denies any knowledge of these of course).

Abnormal gait in back legs while walking (gait is fine while running. She is actually pretty athletic and coordinated while running). It's almost as if she has a stiff back right leg and makes her wobble some. Does not fall over but movement is strange.

Our vet did a test with her back legs (forget what it's called) where they turn her back paw over so her knuckles are on the floor and her pads are up. Dogs are supposed to correct this on their own immediately because it is obviously uncomfortable but she does not. She will stand there with her paw turned over like she doesn't notice it at all. The only time she'll correct it is if she decides to start walking (she will not walk with it turned over or drag it. She does correct it before walking).

Peeing and pooping issues. She has never squatted to pee or poop. She urinates while walking like she doesn't even know it's happening both inside and outside, doesn't matter even with training. Urine comes out in fast drips, never a stream. She does appear to realize when she is pooping, especially when outside, but the pooping technique (for lack of a better word) is strange. She will waddle more than usual and sort of scoot her butt along the ground until it falls out, although sometimes it takes a few minutes to finish the job. Poops are always small, longest I've seen is only 2-3 inches. She pees and poops in the house even with training.

She is a great dog with a great personality. She is very happy, loving, energetic and loves playing and wrestling with our 2 year old Jack Russell. She has an enormous appetite but we do not overfeed her. She is everything you could want in a small dog besides these issues.

I understand most of you will want to say something like "Only a vet can tell you" or "Go to your vet". That is fair but I know that. We have a neurological consultation next week. I'm just looking to see if others have had similar issues with their dogs or have heard of these issues before. Not looking for advice.

Please only comment if you have heard of disorders with these symptoms or have experiences similar to mine. I'm only interested in useful (not obvious) information. "Go to your vet." or "The Neurologist will tell you." is not useful information for me.

This is a long post so hopefully if you read this far, you are interested in what is going on with my pup and I thank you for that. This is just really strange and I can't find anything similar on the internet.
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