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I hope someone has some insight. I'm stressed and my dog obviously isn't happy :(

I have a mixed breed 2 year old dog. I've had her for a year now. She was close to my senior dog who recently passed and I wanted to find her a new friend (as well as myself, of course). The new dog is similar in size and age, and met before the actual adoption. Things were perfect for about a week. They played, snuggled, ect. The existing dog started getting distant, which I thought it was because the new dog played rougher than she was used to (not aggressive, but rougher play). The rough play is only outside and plays happily inside. She even became distant with me. Two weeks ago pottying started happening in the house. This was never an issue before. It has increased to about 6x a day. Both dogs are doing it, but mostly the existing dog. I clean it up well, it happens in similar areas but not isolated and kind of random. I often don't know who does it because they won't do it in front of me. I've tried isolating them but they wait until I have my back turned.

I've had them both checked at the vet and they are healthy (and spayed, btw). My existing dog just seems sad and distant. She loves dogs and in a way I do believe she likes the new dog but isn't adjusting well? They do play happily at times which is why I'm so lost. I try and give them the same attention, time, toys, ect.

It's ruining my floors and sanity. I just want them to be happy. I have an appointment with a trainer but they are booked for another week while it just keeps getting worse. I have pheromones pumping through my house now so I'm hoping that will have an impact as well. Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated! Thank you!!

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Perhaps I can help!!

Sorry to hear what's been going on, I know how frustrating it can be, so maybe I can help.

As far as urine marking goes...
It is usually a sign of stress and anxiety, a reaction to something new which in this case is your dog. She may also be staking her claim to object she thinks belong to her.

When you're not around to watch them, confine them to the kitchen or other area so they can't mark.
If you catch them as they're about to do it then in a firm voice say "no" or "stop" and put them outside or distract them.

If you come home and find they've peed, just clean it up and don't say anything. They don't understand why you're angry at them.

I don't know how much exercise they're getting or games but perhaps they need more physical exercise and mental stimulation.

It's good to spend quality alone with each one, separate from the other.

Create positive associations between your dog and the new one. When the new one is in the room give your existing dog a special toy or treat, as long as she's behaving. Show her good things happen when the other one is around.

I hope some of these tips help, and if you have any questions, please let me know I'll do my best to help.

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