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As your loved pet dog begins to age, they’ll need extra care and attention. Advancing age can make them more vulnerable to ailments and affect their sight, hearing and mobility. Therefore, it’s important for you as a caring pet parent to make their golden senior years happy and healthy. Watch out for aging symptoms as your furry friend grows older and take the following steps to make their life easier

. Provide a Diet Appropriate for their Age
A balanced diet is important to keep your pooch healthy. Older dogs experience a drop in energy levels and become less active which makes them more susceptible to obesity. Therefore, find suitable dog food for senior canines to help your pet avoid weight gain. These treats are less in calories and fat content, and are appropriate for your dog’s age. If your senior dog suffers from a specific condition, ask your vet about the apt types of food to ease that ailment.
Give them Regular Exercise
Encourage your four-legged companion to work out regularly with you so that they can maintain a healthy weight. Ask your vet’s advice and create a fitting exercise regimen given your pooch’s health and fitness limitations. Take them out for light jogs and regular walks to build their stamina.
Make their Accommodation Comfortable
Senior dogs can develop joint and bone issues like arthritis that can impact their mobility. If your pooch becomes blind, they’ll be unable to jump onto to the sofa or bed for rest. In such cases, provide them a soft bed that is effortlessly reachable so that they don’t need to climb or jump onto it. Also, make sure your senior dog doesn’t need to climb stairs as it can be too strenuous for them.
Keep your canine friend’s water and food bowls, and bed downstairs. Another smart idea is to place rugs and carpets on your flooring to help your arthritic dog move about easily.
Maintain Dental Health
If you don’t help your dog maintain proper oral health, they can easily lose teeth as they age. Therefore, ensure to regularly perform efficient dental care for your furry companion from an early age. Wash your pet’s teeth every day, but if they don’t like this, you can give dental treats to them. Get a dental checkup done once per year and facilitate professional cleaning for their teeth.
Go for Regular Health Checkups
An important aspect of senior dog care is to take them to the vet for regular health checkups. Older canines experience a weakened immune system which means they become more susceptible to diseases. Vets recommend a health checkup every six months for a senior dog. This will enable your vet to detect any ailment at an early stage and provide suitable treatment for it.
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