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THANK you for the quick response!! I'll take a look at the pages you've highlighted. It seems strange to increase fiber when the problem is diarrhea, but maybe it has the exact opposite effect on dogs than humans?

Yes, the vet did cultures to diagnose the clostridium. The vet's response to the reoccurring episodes is that that's just the way some dogs are. Since our little girl is only 1 year old, I'd hate to think she'll battle diarrhea all her life and we would like to find something that will help.

Thanks again for the info...I'm off to read what you've highlighted.
That's what people are supposed to do too when they have loose stool, increase the fiber. That's basically what Metamucil is. You could try adding a probiotic for now to her food or some canned pumpkin and see if it firms her up.
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