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I have a question to the groomers /experts of this forum. I have a BC bitch that has very thick un border collie like fur. Sorry for the e weird description, will attach pics for more clarity. Due to the nature of said fur, she usually gets shaved 2 - 3 times a year. I have never been able to groom her properly (just for the record I hadn't four other BC's so it's not for a complete lack of know-how). I have a Oster Golden a5 double speed clipper, bought it to shave her about 9/10 years ago with a no 10 blade - cause you get one standard with the clipper - and a no 3 blade, I don't want to shave her down to the skin unless absolutely necessary.
My problem is the no 3 blade does not "glide" through her fur, never has so I'm assuming it's not dull, though in more than willing to get it sharpened if anyone thinks it will make a difference.
Now for the last three years I've not worried about it, we now live in a town with professional groomers, so I take her to them to get groomed. But now this freakin virus came along and, here in South Africa we are still in lockdown with no real clue as to when "non essential" services like dog groomers will be able to start work again, so with her starting to look like some neglected Street dog, I'm going to just jump in and diy again.
With winter on the way I would really prefer not to shave her too short, Is there anything I can do to get the no 3 blade to do the job? Or is it a lost cause?
The first pic is Xena, the dog in question, the other is my male bc, just for a comparison of her fur vs a "normal" BC's fur.
Apologies for the long post.


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