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Hi, everyone. I'm currently using clicker training to train my 9-month old lab mix, Jupiter, to sit. Actually, she already knew 'sit', but I want to train her to remain in the sit position for a longer period of time without getting up.

I'll give her the command to sit, then I'll count to a certain number, then click, say the release cue, and give her the reward. I extend the duration by 1-5 seconds every time, unless she gets up, in which case I will count to a lower number to ensure she's successful the next time. I've also been adding in distractions (moving around, talking to my boyfriend, looking away, etc.)

We've gotten to a reliable forty seconds. my question is, when do I start to fade the lure? I'd like to eventually be able to put her in a sit indefinitely. I'm thinking a good target might be five minutes. Do I wait until we get to a reliable five minutes, or do I fade the lure at increments before then?

Also, when I do fade the reward, do I still click? Or should a click always be followed by a treat?

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