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My dog has been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis which is believed to be related to an allergy.

Right now he is getting robotussin cough syrup 3x daily in addition to antibiotics. The plan is to do 28 days on ciprofloxacin and 2 more courses with Baytril to eliminate any bacterial infection, than treat with steroids.

We have just completed 14 days on cipro without much improvement. I haven't noticed much improvement on the robotussin either.

Has anyone tried steroids for this disorder and did it help? We may also need to try an inhaler.

At this point we are just trying to prolong his life. He had a mini-stroke or other neurological event in December. He has some neurological deficits (head nodding, hind leg weakness) but is otherwise doing fine except for the cough.

He sounds quite horrible. He snores, snuffles, sneezes, and coughs quite a bit. He still seems happy despite this.
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