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Hi there,

This is my first time posting in a forum, but I really need some opinions. My 3-year-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff Daisy was diagnosed with suspected Leptospirosis in May 2021 (she had positive titers). She had been vaccinated for Lepto and was up to date on all of her shots and it still happened. The vets successfully treated her & her liver values eventually came down after 2 months of antibiotics and 3 months of Denamarin. She had an ultrasound at this time and I was told that it was normal.

This August, Daisy started showing similar symptoms to Lepto. She was frequently urinating and demonstrated excessive thirst. She began vomiting frequently, so I rushed her to the vet. The bloodwork from the vet showed that her liver values, ALT and AST specifically, were severely elevated. Her urinalysis showed Glucose in her urine, but a regular level of Glucose in her blood. She was given an ultrasound that again came back completely normal. The vet then sent us away with Denamarin and told me that the only thing I could do was give her this pill for the rest of her life.

Something felt off, so I took Daisy to get a second opinion. The new vet let us know that her liver enzymes have not improved, they have actually grown worse, so the Denamarin isn't working. The urinalysis this vet conducted showed that she still has Glucose in her urine, but now she has Ketones in her urine as well. Her Blood Glucose is still normal. She received a Bile Acid Test today from the new vet, which will hopefully tell us more.

Has anyone dealt with something similar with their dog? Or does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with her? I am working with a vet, and potentially a specialist soon if I can afford it. The vet has brought up the possibility of a liver shunt, but her liver values were completely normal until the Leptospirosis. The frequent urination and excessive thirst was resolved in August, you really wouldn't know she was sick outside of the occasional vomiting. She is a boisterous and playful girl!
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