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Last night, it got down to 16 degrees below zero (almost -27 celsius)

I woke up around 6 a.m. to let the dogs out but found my back door was frozen shut. I had to get a blow dryer to defrost the edges so I could open the door. The dogs in the meantime were wondering 'what the heck!' and and I kept hoping the door would open before their bladders did on my flooring.

Got the door opened, Jaya and HaHa rush out side and slam to a stop...HaHa spun around like he was going to come back in and I shut door on him. :eek:

I watched through the window as he looked at the door for about 10 seconds, then rushed down the porch and into the yard...took a leak and ran back for the porch. I let him as soon as he got to the door.

Jaya on the other hand, after feeling the wet freeze on her nose, went out into the yard, and laid down. I can't imagine how cold that had to be on her belly. She does this most mornings and will stay like that for 20 minutes or so before getting up and wandering around the yard to find the perfect place to do her business.

Today she got up after about 5 minutes...quickly did what she needed to do and headed for the door without me having to call her.

For a treat, I mixed warm water into their dry kibble...and added an egg, Jaya was just in from the cold and it was already waiting to be put into her bowl....HaHa had already warmed up from his short excursion outside but he got a warm breakfast too. the dogs were out there in the bitter, cold - I swear, I saw my cat, Song, smirk as she headed back into the warm utility room to use her litter box.


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