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Chihuahuas - UGH

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Okay so let me start this by saying I have nothing against Chihuahua's themselves. I think they can be great dogs when properly trained and socialized. I tend to think they get a bad rep because so many people feel they do not need to work with them because they are tiny dogs.

That being said UGH! The people across the street from us have at least seven of them, two of which are small puppies.

Their fence has been broken since we have moved here and the dogs have started to take over the neighbourhood. They will chase you down the side walk barking, they will hang out in the middle of the road sunbathing.

They have started to come over into our front yard to poop and if our dogs are out in the back yard they harass them through our gate getting our dogs all worked up.

So on Monday I got sick of it and after a few hours on the phone calling various people I finally got an officer to come out and talk to them.
They are apparently fixing the gate now - though I'm a bit dubious since the dogs are still at large.

I am going to give them until next week then call the police again. They are in clear violation of leash laws and I should be able to walk down the street without being chased by a yapping back of unsocialized little dogs.

I do not want to be a bad neighbour but these dogs are driving me nuts!
Also some of the other neighbours have even offered to help them fix their gate and they have turned them down!

The dogs are going to get run over or bite someone! it is not safe for them to be roaming as a pack up and down the street. One of the things that caused us to want to move was other peoples dogs. I sort of feel like I moved only to end up back where I started!
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Erk, I understand how annoying that situation is. Hope they take the hint from your neighbours and the officer and don't let it happen again.
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