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Chicken and rice diet question

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Hi. New here. Please bear with me. I recently adopted a rescue with ibs. I cook her chicken and rice and that is all she eats. My problem is that she seems hungry all the time. My question is because this is so easily digestible could she be hungry sooner than my other dogs that eat dry food?
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How long has she been on the chicken and rice?
Are you giving her some type of vitamin and mineral supplement?
How old is she, and how much does she weigh?
How much are you feeding her?
Is she losing, gaining, or maintaining her weight?
What's the ratio of chicken to rice?
Ok. She's a 9 month old mutt. I'm guessing beagle an hound mix. Weights about 30 lbs.. completely active and very naughty. I feed my other 2 dry food. This dog is done with her food in 2 seconds. The ratio is more chicken than rice. She's new to our house so I can't tell if she's just misbehaving or hungry. :(
She's been on this diet for about 4 weeks. And it's working. We finally have solid poop!
I bought probiatics but haven't been regular about giving them.
One more.....about 2 cups of food each serving. Once in the morning and once in the evening
Was the IBS diagnosed by a Vet or is that just a way you are describing a diarrhea problem? A chicken and rice only diet is meant to be short term in order to give the digestive system a chance to heal itself, not long term as it is not nutritionally complete. There are dry kibbles that are limited ingredient and lots of dogs with digestion problems do well on them.
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Considering that she is growing and very active you are going to have to feed her around 4 cups of the chicken and rice. Dogs need around 25 calories per pound of body weight. So at 30 lbs he's going to need around 750 calories, likely a bit more since he's a pup and still growing. There's around 231 calories in a cup of diced chicken and 206 calories in a cup of cooked white rice. So say you are doing 50% of each you are going to have to feed him around 3 2/3 cups of food per day.

Chicken and rice is very short on the vitamins and minerals he needs if you wish to keep him on that diet you are going to have to start giving him a vitamin and mineral supplement, I've used Nupro in the past and it's a decent one, but there are others out there that you can use.

I'd try stuffing her food into a slow feeder or putting it in a Kong, to slow down her eating. If she eats more slowly she may feel fuller. If you put it in a Kong you can freeze it to further slow her down.
One more.....about 2 cups of food each serving. Once in the morning and once in the evening
Sounds like you are feeding him the correct amount then, and may need to bump it up a little bit and see if that helps. Just keep an eye on his weight, if he starts getting fat, then cut it back.
Did a vet actually diagnose IBS? Regardless, just chicken and rice isn't nutrionaly sufficient. Do prefer kibble, or are you leaning towards homecooked/raw?
I'm looking for a really good chicken and rice dry dog food to buy her to wean her off the chicken and rice
She was supposedly diagnosed from her previous ownerstatement vet.
I would take her to your vet for your own diagnosis. If that is in fact what she has, you don't have to feed a vets prescription food(which they will probably try to give you), but you will be able to better make a decision on what you want to feed. And if its not IBS, you have lots more food to choose from. But just find out for sure first.
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Definitely get a DX from your Vet! When a dog has true IBS (IBD) they are not processing their food correctly so therefore are nutritionally compromised... essentially starving to death from lack of nutrition. The problem with going to a chicken and rice kibble is that when chicken is processed into a kibble form it changes both nutritionally and chemically and you could run into more problems It has been found that while many dogs get intestinal upset with chicken type kibble, they do fine on boiled or raw chicken..... but still, a chicken only diet is not good!
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You might want to use something like this instead of dry. This is a great food just like home cooking. A 10lb box makes 40 lbs of wet food. If you order it from the company they ship free. Its dehydrated.
Revel Dog Food – Whole Grain Chicken
I'd be a little careful about the chicken and rice.. I don't know too much about dog nutrition but I've occasionally fed my dog chicken and rice after eating something she shouldn't have as a way of dealing with a loose tummy and I've found that it always makes her constipated. Don't know if this is just her, or if she got used to eating this she'd adjust, but in my case I can't feed her like that for more than a day at a time.
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