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Our 60 pound labradoodle likes his Nylabone and his Kong. When we first got him, he chewed on the Nylabone every night for quite a while. Lately, he has not really chewed it much but has been chewing his Kong a lot. No problems with that.

When we got him, the previous owner sent along two rawhide bones. One was shaped like a big burrito and the other was shaped like a classic bone with knobs at both ends.

One day he was chewing one of the rawhide bones pretty obsessively. After a while, I saw that it had blood on it so I took it away.

I have never seen him touch the other rawhide bone until tonight. He was chewing on it and we were commenting that he seemed a little obsessive again. Once again I noticed blood on the bone so I took it away from him.

So... is this unusual? Do rawhide bones frequently cause bleeding gums?

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