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Changing from trifexis to Nexgard Spectra or change from Simparica Twill it harm your dog

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Our outside Dog, Lilly is a Red Chow/Blue Healer mix and she's been on Trifexis for years. We need a Pill that protects against Ticks also. I did research and Nexgard Spectra appears to be best choice. We get the Trifexis from our Vet and it's gone way up in price to $150 for 6 months.

We also have a small house dog, Wickie, he is a Che/Shee mix and is on Simparica TRIO and it's gone up in price to $156 for 6 months.

I need advice to change them both to Nexgard Spectra if it will hurt to change their medicine. We had heard you can never change a dog off Trifexis it's dangerous? Please help
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No two dogs, like no two people are the same, so individual sensitivities to any drug can occur in any dog. Ours, for instance, had a terrible reaction to Trifexis, and a reaction to Nexgard, though not as severe as to Trifexis. She does well with Frontline+ which I really only use during the hot summer months. So there is no absolute answer to your question, you will have to try different preventatives to see what your dogs reaction will be.
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