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I am mom to a 4 1/2 year old Chessie/Pointer mix who usually has a frantic level of energy. Think if Adderall started using cocaine levels of energy.

The manufacturer of my dog's old food stopped making the only flavor she's not allergic to. So, after 4 bags of trial and error, I found another one that agrees with her stomach and skin. She's doing great on the new food--poop looks great, no itching--but she is so much calmer. Like a different dog.

The food is the only change.

Her old food had 28% protein 18 % fat . The new food, Natural Balance LID Duck and Sweet Potato, has 21% protein and 10% fat. I've adjusted the amount of food so calorie intake is the same as on the old one. But she's just so much calmer, I am wondering if the change in protein/fat level? It's almost scary now how she'll settle herself down after a walk and let me do stuff around the house. She's less dog aggressive when we are out and about too which is an amazing benefit.

Her vet said as long as she's playing, eating, and pooping she's fine. But I still want to know if the drop in protein/fat can change her behavior that much.

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