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Chance is a four year old Flat Coated Retriever that is my task trained service dog. He also competes in agility, is a demo dog for positive reinforcement training and responsible animal ownership, and is just about the sweetest dog I know!

I adopted Chance when he was ten months old from Ani-Care Animal Shelter in Ontario, Oregon. He had already been to five homes in that time! Now, he's a model citizen and we'd like to give back to Ani-Care for taking such good care of Chance when he was a pup.

Chance is in a competition and is currently in third place (ends in 24 hours). This is where you come in. It's a vote contest and the first place winner is the only one who earns a donation to their shelter of choice.

It literally takes less than 20 seconds to vote and we would appreciate any help that you can give us!

Here's the link:

Thank you all in advance!


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