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Hello friends,

New guy here. My name is Josh and one of my greatest joys in life is helping pet owners with dogs who have arthritis. Keep in mind you can skip the raw diet and add the supplements to whatever you're already feeding.

Minimalist raw diet: Godzilla the Rottweiler does well on whole, raw turkey and organ meat. Chop chop chop it up, and feed. 3-5% of body weight per day is an approximate feeding schedule.

Supplements: OG certified kelp meal, turmeric powder and fish oil. These are nutritionally dense supplements that help to fill in gaps in nutrition that aren't present in processed kibble.

CBD: 2mg per pound of body weight per day of "Whole Plant Hemp Extract". Mixed at 1000mg per ounce, as pictured above, that would be 164mg per teaspoon. So if your dog is 75 pounds, a teaspoon per day would be a good approximate dose. And, no, it won't hurt him, but it might make him mellow (not stoned) until his body adjusts to the dose. As the person said previously, you can start at a lower dose and work your way upward by increasing it every other day.

Tito the Rottweiler gets a teaspoon of dried, minced garlic in his ration each day to keep the flea pressure down, and gets wormed with Fir Meadows D-Wormer every six months.

I started working with CBD and canines started back in 2014, when my Rottweilers got arthritis and hip issues. I was a medical marijuana grower who connected with CBD early on.

That same stack, along with treadmill therapy, is what arrested their arthritis.


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