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CBD for dogs

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Anyone have any experience using this with older dogs?
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Anyone have any experience using this with older dogs?
Yes, I have.
CBD has, like any other medication, different effects with different applications and individuals. So you won't know if it is effective until you try it.

I used CBD on one elder dog and did not see any effect, but of course I could not ask him how he felt. that was using biscuits with CBD in them, and I now know that taking the drops of a tincture directly is much more effective and also much easier to regulate the quantity being given.

The elder dog I have now has trouble with mobility when the weather gets chilly and damp. I give him drops of a CBD tincture that has a regulated concentration. I can do the math and know exactly how many mg. I am giving him and I put the drops into his mouth.

I have noticed that it helps him a great deal, but of course it is not a cure-all and doesn't make the problem go away. Nothing does.

If you are inclined to try it, I recommend a brand called Global Xtracts because their CBD tinctures are what they say they are. I use this for myself and for my dog. Beware of ads online, because many of them are scams and you won't even know you have spent a lot of money on a vial of coconut oil with nothing else in it.
Do the research into how many mg you should use for the size of dog you have, and start at the lowest end first. Maybe that is only one drop. Do that a few days and see if there's any noticeable effect, and if not, work up to more if this is indicated for your size and weight of dog. Best of luck.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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