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CBD for dogs

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Anyone have any experience using this with older dogs?
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I think to lose any loved fur-baby is extremely painful. My brother and I were broken when our baby Jazzy died.

I am an advocate and reseller of CBD based products. My feedback would be as follows for pets and people:

1. Efficacy of CBD
Although I want to sell, most of the research around CBD has been found to be most effective for sleep and anxiety related issues. There has also been tremendous study and feedback on the impact on children with seizures.

2. Seek medical help, especially when on other medication

3.Research and ensure that the products you are buying have the relevant certifications and that they do not mix any other additives into their products like opioids that might affect you adversely.

Again with all things, there is no silver bullet and it might take multiple interventions to assist you with whatever ails you personally or your beloved pooch.
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