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CBD for dogs

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Anyone have any experience using this with older dogs?
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What would you be using it for?
I know some people claim its a cure all for everything but of course it isnt.

Ive used it with a young dog to help fear/ anxiety problems.

In my work as a home carer Ive seen older people use it as a relief for symptoms of joint pain and sleep disorders.
Spent an absolute fortune tried it for 6 weeks for my dogs joint pain and it didnt help one tiny little bit. In saying that lots of people swear by the stuff
Thats the point it is promoted as a cure all for everything and it isnt no better no worse than any other cure,
My mum went for dry needle therapy and asked the therapist if it would work he said his clients fell into three groups. Group 1, didnt help a bit, stupid idea. Group two, helped a bit not bad would try again and Group three, Hallelujah this is the best thing since sliced bread.
I suppose most treatments/therapies are like this even conventional medicine works better with one person than another. Its all a case of trial and error.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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