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So my dog Koda is very very excitable and I have 7 cats... It has been a very difficult road with having to manage him with baby gates/closed doors, being ultra careful to make sure the cats are not around and still lots of chasing.

The issue is just that they run and that makes him a million times more excited and so he chases them.

2 of my cats don't run. One Dusty, has just zero interest in the dog at all. Koda completely ignores him. The other cat Kisa loves everything and wants Koda to love her but he completely ignores her.... Seriously dude chases the other cats and ignores the one who gives him attention lol ugh

Anyways we have been working on it slowly.... it has improved some what but not well.

if I am physically touching Koda he will stay and be calm if he sees the cats. If the cats see me with him they are less likely to run.

But trying to get them to meet and make nice, the cats just hiss and growl and even swat.


I had an idea and I wanted to know if it is a good idea or will make things worse...

So going into an empty places to hide. Bringing in all of the cats and cans of tuna. Closing all the doors.

Then I bring in Koda on a short leash and have treats for him.

We all sit in the room together, doors closed. I keep Koda to one side.

The cats see that hey he isnt so big and scary afterall, nothing bad is happening to them. They even get nummy food. Yay they calm down and relax.

Koda sees the cats and maybe they loose some of their excitement over them. But I also worry that him being on a leash and not actually able to get to them will still make it hard for him.

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