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Has anyone experienced carpal laxity syndrome?

My 10 mo old Newfoundland was diagnosed with carpal laxity syndrome at about 3 months. The vet, and orthopedic specialist, did X-rays and found nothing wrong with the bones. He said that my pup should grow out of this problem with good large breed puppy food and exercise.

It seemed to get a little better, but has not improved in the last couple months. He limps on the leg because his foot is sort of floppy, but he has never seemed to be in any pain from it. This syndrome is supposedly painless, but sometime when his foot gives out he lands on that joint. That can't be good over time.

I'm wondering if he wouldn't improve if I can strengthen the leg with the affected foot. That leg is about half the size of the normal one. Any ideas on how to strengthen it? I want to take him swimming, but it is still too cold even for a Newfie.

Btw, we have another vet appt in about a week, but I was wondering what others think.
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