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Hello Everyone,

I have a male Lhasa Apso, 10 years old, in June he was diagnosed with Carcinomatosis- cancer. To this day he is still showing interest in food, walking, going potty normally and wanting to sometimes play with his toys.

The cancer is focused around his lungs and his abdominal cavity. When we first found out he had a chest tap and drained 750 mL of fluid and that was how the cancer was diagnosed, by testing the liquid. We started chemo (palladia) and in addition he had been on Previcox for arthritis.
Fast forward to this past week we found out he has Pancreatitis that we are treat with pain medication, antibiotic and ant acid. We have stopped the chemo for a week of finding this out to get over the hump of the Pancreatitis. However, this past Friday we took him in and they again drained 500mL of fluid from his chest, he is walking super slow, and squatting when he walks like he has to pee but cannot. We admitted him to the ER as they thought maybe the cancer had spread, full neuro exam done, and was told his abdomen feels tight and you can tell it is painful for him and along the upper part of his neck neuro said was tender for him. We opted for a CT scan and they have no idea what is causing my baby's pain. No spinal cord issues, no disc issues.

He is now on his pancreatitis medication and Prednisone, currently no chemo and I am looking for any advise or help. He is pretty normal with his cancer diagnosis besides this pain he is having. I am trying to keep his quality of life good until it is time to say goodbye and I just do not think it is that time just yet.

Any advise or help would be so helpful!
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