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She's adorable and lucky to have found you! :dog-love:You can google "puppy age" or something similar and find one of the sites who talk about aging by teeth. Some of them have diagrams which makes it easier to visualize.

Vets usually age puppies by their teeth, how many they have and the percentage of puppy v. adult. I adopted a street dog in Uruguay and the vet estimated her age by his teeth.

Dogs need to chew, for a variety of reasons. Puppies especially because they are teething. My vet and the dog trainer told me I should provide the pup with healthy safe things to chew. Avoid anything that your puppy could choke on. The trainer taught me to distract and redirect my puppy if he was chewing on something he wasn't supposed to. By providing a good chewy and redirecting his behavior my little man stopped chewing on nondog things.

I've never been to Mongolia but isn't it a meat-centric culture? I bet you might be able to find dried meat and rawhides there. When I lived in a Tibetan community I bought dried meat and a version of rawhide for my other dog.

Best of luck!
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