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Can you guess what breeds polly may be ?

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What breed is polly please ?


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Aww, she is adorable .. I will guess Shih Tzu & Pug in the mix maybe ..
I don't see either shih tzu or pug in it... both of those dogs have squished up noses and the pugs have kind of big bug eyes and the shih tzu has really long hair.

I'm not sure what mix it might be, but I think it could have some kind mix of small terrier breed in it.

The OP doesn't mention if this is a full grown dog or a puppy... so that lack of info makes it hard to guess too.

I'm going to say a terrier mix. Do you have anymore pictures?
I'm really NOT good at this at all but I'm going to guess Yorkshire Terrier and Lancashire Heeler. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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