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Hi Jacob

I wish you luck with this, truly. I've been trying to save Bulgarian street dogs for 14 years, and for every one I save another 10 or 20 or 50 appear. The problem here is with the mentality of the people. The 4 paws charity came here and went round the villages offering to neuter peoples dogs for free. Very few people agreed to it because they say it's cruel. Far better to let their dogs produce a litter of pups twice a year and throw the puppies onto the street to fend for themselves.

Maybe it's for a different reason in the Phillipines but the result is the same. That said, any dog you save is worth the effort. Every dog I ever saved paid me back with love and appreciation far beyond anything you would ever receive from a human. They know you have saved them and are grateful. Whoever first said 'the more I know of man, the more I love my dog' knew what he was talking about.

I wish I could help but sadly I have too much on my hands here. But if you want to chat any time and swap info and advice, do message me

Keep up the good work

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