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Most vets are strict on saying to not taking a pup out until 16 weeks. Yet at the same time their crucial mental development happens around 6-14 weeks if I remember correctly. So trainers say take your pup out (safely, with precautions) So its up to you what you want to risk. Talk to your vet and see how prevalent diseases like Giardia, Parvo and Distemper are in your area.

I've been walking my pup pretty much since I got her at 8 weeks. I keep her away from dog parks, feces, pet stores and any areas that would see high dog traffic. Yet she goes to breweries, home depot, walks around the neighborhood, puppy socialization classes and patios of restaurants. I don't take her on hikes yet because no one picks up after their dogs on hikes, then lepto and heartworm (mosquitoes) are bad around the area where I hike.

I choose the small risk of her getting the diseases so I could appropriately socialize her. Its a hard choice to make but one that you ultimately have to decide.
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