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I live in a city where there are strays and possibly unvaccinated dogs. We had been taking our puppy on short walks, but the vet advised against it. Now we take him on our street and in our garden area outside of the apartment. I have taken him out with me and once we went to a children playground (not dog park). I watch him very carefully. Also, whenever he is out somewhere other than right in our usual area I clean his paws with baby wipes before coming inside. I believe it is important to socialize your puppy and let him experience the world. For instance at the park he was terrified, but after some time he relaxed a bit and stopped running straight for the car. He is also getting very eager to explore as previously he would hate being outside and now he runs for the street. Sometimes he just likes to sit there and observe. I would talk to your vet but know you CAN take your puppy outside. BTW I have a 4 month old Westie. Good luck!
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