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It depends on just how prevalent things like parvo, and distemper, are in your area. Also how many stray and unvaccinated dogs are around.

Where I live it's pretty safe to take a puppy around my immediate neighborhood, the dogs around here are well taken care of and up to date on their shots. I'd not take a puppy that wasn't fully vaccinated for a walk out of my neighborhood though. I'd still bring him places like pet shops, dog friendly stores, and parks (not dog parks) but not put him on the ground there until his vaccines are finished. I figure the puppy can still observe and smell plenty from my arms, lap, or a shopping basket. I'm a bit paranoid of distemper and parvo though, I've known 2 puppies with parvo and 1 with distemper. The parvo puppies pulled through with round the clock care by the owners, the distemper pup did not make it.
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