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Hello forum members

I am getting old and desire a dog to keep me company. I live alone.

I love dogs and have nothing but free time. I will be spending all my time with the dog I get.

I need a dog that is lower maintenance than average because of my age.

I might get a pit bull because they are low maintenance and loving.

But what I would really want is an old retriever.

There was more than one occasion in my life where I spent many years with a retriever. I considered them my best friends and beloved family. I miss them and those are the fondest days of my life.

So I have special feelings for specifically retrievers and would be happier with an old retriever than any other dog.

However I may not be able to take care of an old retriever depending on high or low maintenance they are.

Taking a dog out for a walk or to poo is something I can do. But I can't run around and play with a dog.

If an old retriever really is best off continuing there luck at the pound than with me because he or she won't get as much exercise then I will leave he or she be at the pound. I don't want to make a dog suffer. I get happiness from watching my dog being happy.

Sorry for the long message

In summary, can an old retriever get by with less exercise than a young one?

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Welcome to the Dog Forum! For what it's worth, I think an older retriever would make a terrific companion for you, and you'd be a terrific companion for the retriever.

A year and a half ago. I adopted my dog Miles from a public shelter. He was approximately eight years old, and because of his age, he sat in the shelter for nearly a month. In fact, he was scheduled to be euthanized at 7:00 p.m. the next day when I intervened and made arrangements to adopt him.

He's a wonderful, affectionate, well-socialized dog that loves cuddling with me on the sofa. I take him on three short leisurely walks a day, and he sleeps much of the rest of the day. He's an absolute sweetheart, and I know there's an old retriever out there who needs the type of home that you can provide. Good lcuk!
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