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Question: My rescue puppy is almost a year old. She has received excellent training from a professional trainer, but she is STILL doing things like jumping up on the countertop, jumping on me when she wants to, etc. It is like she knows what to do when she is on her leash and we are practicing her training, but then she goes nutso and forgets everything, (or is she choosing to forget everything) when she is off-leash. For example, she ignores all kinds of verbal cues like "off" "come" etc... except, for what seems like, when she wants to obey. Do dogs even think that way?

Thanks..she is one very bright pup. The trainer said she is one of two that he's trained in the past 20 years that picks things up so quickly. She is working on the "take it, hold it, thank you" commands and is doing a great job. She has mastered sit, down, stay, heel, and loose-leash walking (except when she doesn't want to loose-leash walk!), and come.

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