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Calm pup of the litter?

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I recently went to see a litter of puppies. All were sold except for the one i had asked to save for me. I arrived and my puppy seems very calm compared to his siblings.

Most of them seemed very hyper, playful, play-biting a bit, running up to me and trying to grab my shoe laces. The one i have chosen seemed so laid back and didn't seem to pay that much attention/seem very interested in general. It was like he was in his own little world but not in a distracted way. Just introverted, kind of. Not sure how to describe it.

Anyway, is this normal? I am afraid he wont be very playful when he grows up. Do they show their personalities more as they grow older? Does it depend on their owners energy?

Thank you for any replies :)
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i tihnk there's differences temperaments from puppyhood with human siblings.
even when they have the same parents and upbringing siblings can have a very different personalities.
If the puppies are well-cared for, healthy (health-tested) and well-bred there's nothing to worry about, but there are different temperaments and you can see them in the way the puppies interact with each other.
it not only has to do with the handler, but training and upbringing also has a big influence on the dog.

Teo was one of the calmer puppies in his litter and he grew up into a confident, fun and laid-back dog. Since he was a dog that observed a lot, he was pretty good at reading situations and knew when to act and when not.
there's nothing wrong with calmer dogs.
they're great companions.
they don't need to be overly playful to be good dogs.
Honestly it's kind of a toss up. My parents shih-tzu was the most happy and hyper puppy ever, playful, etc. As an adult? Complete opposite. By the time he was 6 months he was the laziest dog and he's been that way for the last 14 years, sweet little old man that he is. Now their weim? Completely the opposite of that. When they got him, he was so lazy and uninterested in anything that they were a little worried something was wrong with him. He's 3 now and it's like he doesn't have an off switch. So honestly some may stay the same, but I would venture to say most of the pups I've been around since they were that young have really been different dogs as adults. Even our pitbull rescue has done that. He was so chill at 6 months when we got him and now he's a ball of energy. I second what was stated above though, as long as you know the pup is healthy, that's the important part.

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I have had 4 puppies in my life - the 2 laid-back ones were both the ones that turned into perfect adult companion dogs :) Of course, I lead a particularly laid-back life, so this makes a certain amount of sense. The other 2 puppies were super-hyper and ended up being pretty high maintenance (for me). Just my 2 cents :)
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