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So you know how one of the places people say to haunt for cheap raw is the butcher's?

My experience with butchers tends to be the high end stores like Central Market and Whole Foods. The place I got my little $20/pound lamb chop. Well the mid range grocers too, like Kroger and HEB. Tho you know, I have to check HEB out, at least the one closest to me. HEB stores run all over the spectrum to low end in the ghetto to fancy pants this is an HEB? -- looks like a Whole Foods to somewhere in-between like a cross between an HEB and a CM. But whatever.

I was researching couple days ago. Found a couple promising but they looked to be in the 'hood. Not only located in the 'hood but about 15 miles away. Potential savings eaten up by gas, etc. I'll keep them in mind if I'm ever in the area. One was soul food themed, the other Cajun.

Found a closer Cajun butcher that I dragged my Cajun bf to as a surprise. Interesting stuff there, bought some andouille and premade red beans, gumbo and etoufee. But nothing in the dog food department, everything they had was either pre-spiced or stuffed with something or stuffed into something else.

Then there is a chain of Mexican butchers but really little grocery stores called La Michoacana. The prices were not as good as Food Town and the majority of what they had was pre-marinated/ pre-spiced. Disappointing and not what I was looking for. Language barrier there, too, my Spanish is not that great.

So being downcast for the 2 stores I checked out being 2 strikes, my bf had the brilliant idea to take me to a Fiesta. Fiesta if you can't tell by the name is a heavily Mexican influenced grocery chain tho the one we went into was a newer one, looked more like a Kroger. And it had really cheap meat and deals and bargains! Tho I didn't like their oxtails at all, seriously Food Town has the best oxtails. Tho Food Town is so close to me I could walk there in 10 minutes (cutting through a subdivision) if I didn't feel like driving around the block.

Other than the 2 in the 'hood everything else was too far away or high-end or delis. I could drive away from town, look for places that do deer processing and stuff but then again I'd be frittering away savings and time. But whatever.
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