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Alexander Nevzorov. Mark Rashid. Carolyn Resnick. Klaus Hempfling. I have seen some of their work, and it amazes me - it really does seem like communication, not trick-training, and often enough the people aren't even touching the horses, or at least touching them minimally. What do you think about their methods and results?

Kind of like a leash and collar/harness, eh? I've seen people ride horses without any kind of headgear, using only their legs and balance and even when I was in 4-H 45 years ago, we were told that we should let the horse know what we wanted by the rein against its neck, not by pulling his mouth. We were encouraged to try hackamores as well.

As do I. I know leashes are negative, but I have to use one - am I being horrible and mean to my dog? Sometimes, when I really have to move along and he still wants to sniff everything, I tug on his leash to reinforce "Let's go". I'm imposing my own timetable on to him, and maybe that's not fair either.

Anyway, another awesome article by Eileen, just because it helps me sometimes when I'm confused about where positive ends and negative begins ... My Training Philosophy - eileenanddogseileenanddogs
I said many not all. Many great things can be done off seat cues, which it could also possibly be argued is a negative reinforcement, but I'm not sure I'll argue that. And when not using a bit the pressure on a horse's face from a halter/hackamore is a negative reinforcement, albiet a more subtle one.
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