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6 May/12
The Ignorance involving Breed Specific legislation​
BSL stands for Breed specific legislation; BSL is the banning of certain dog breeds. The reader most likely has heard of attempts to ban American Pit Bull Terriers, what the reader probably has not heard of is that these BSL supporters are attempting to ban German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s, Doberman Pinchers and many other dog breeds that these people happen to be afraid of. Ask any Dog expert and they will all tell you BSL isn’t the answer to the vicious dog problem; this is because the misrepresentation of the breed’s temperament standard is due to politics and the media trying to gain money and power.
Many will say that a claim that states BSL is supported by the media and politics for money and power is unfounded, however the truth is that Politicians and those controlling the media will only act for money, power, or both. Those leading the Breed Specific Legislation charge are not honorable honest people, they will lie, cheat and misrepresent the truth to get what they want. Politicians and the Media have a long history of dishonesty as I am sure the reader already knows.
BSL does not work, it was made to keep the public safe from vicious dogs and it has failed. In Prince George's County, Maryland, a task force was created to evaluate the effectiveness of a Pit bull ban, an article “Pit bull bans: the state of breed specific legislation” created by Dana M. Campbell reveals what the team reported “The task force concluded that the public's safety had not improved as a result of the ban, despite the fact that the county had spent more than $250,000 per year to round up and destroy banned dogs. Finding that other, non-breed-specific laws already on the books covered vicious animal, nuisance, leash, and other public health and safety concerns, the task force recommended repealing the ban.” This article proves several of my points. A different article “Breed-specific legislation and the pit bull terrier: Are the laws justified?” made by Stephen Collier questions the reliability of the data that implies Pit Bulls are dangerous “…the primary problem is that reliable data do not exist for the number of attacks relative to breed population. Of 19 human fatalities in Australia over the past two decades, none has involved a dog verified to be an American pit bull terrier. The evidence does not sustain the view that this is a uniquely dangerous breed, and breed-specific laws aimed to control it have not been demonstrated by authorities to be justified by its attack record.” I can’t stress this enough any data brought forth by a BSL supporter can’t be trusted most people who are attacked by dogs are not knowledgeable of dogs and can’t point a Pit bull out of a group of similar breeds, however this will not stop a victim from claiming a Pit Bull attacked them.
In America no state has as of yet made Pit Bulls illegal to own there are many counties and cities that do ban certain breeds. Many European countries ban dogs such as Pit Bulls, just because of some misconceptions. Politicians are the ones in the end that put bans on certain dog breeds; Politicians do this because they don’t care about whom they are hurting they only care about picking the most popular choice and getting elected. Politicians ask no dog expert’s opinions when creating these laws politicians are pathetically misinformed. BSL is just another example of politicians getting involved in something they know nothing about.
Like almost all stereotypes the media will play a large role in creating lies and myths, the media misrepresents the American Pit bull terriers temperament. The media hypes up Pit bull attacks and will even lie about the breed that attacked someone to get more money because a story about a pit bull attack will sell better than a story of an Old English Bulldog attack. Even Cesar Millan or better known as the “Dog Whisperer” at Cesar’s website “” even said in the article “Cesar talks Candidly about his critics, Pit Bull bans and daddy” that “...I don’t think news people think a Labrador biting someone is as juicy a story as a pit bull.” Everyone knows that the media is just lying for views. This is not the first time the media has demonized a dog breed they did it to the Doberman Pinchers, German shepherd and Rottweiler’s when they were popular. People now are stuck on a never ending cycle of lies and fabrications created by the media, eventually the media will move on to a different dog breed to demonize and it could be your dog that’s next.
There are a lot of myths surrounding the American Pit Bull terrier such as only dangerous minorities who are in gangs have an APBT. Shorty Rossi who goes by “Pit Boss” rescues Pit Bulls and has a show on Animal Planet and on his website at Shortywood Productions / Shorty's Rescue / Pit Boss Shorty Rossi Pit Boss states “Only about 1-2% of people breed pit bulls for dog fighting. These are usually criminals or gang members who also participate in a wide variety of other illegal activities.” The truth is that there are many responsible Pit Bull owners who love to show off their well trained dog. Another myth is that these dogs are just vicious and love to fight; I can assure the reader that there is no animal on this earth that enjoys fighting to the death with its own kind while having its face ripped off. To put it kindly, the people who create these myths are uneducated about dogs and should have no right to determine if any animal should live or die.
It is undeniably true that some breeds of dogs have a different temperament than others however aggression, dominance, and a dog being territorial are all very different from each other. Any well trained dog that was not abused will never show signs of pure aggression unless the training involved was intended to create an aggressive dog. Owning a dog takes a lot of responsibility the owner is responsible for correctly socializing a dog, the aggression of a dog should be blamed on the owner not the dog, behind every bad dog is a bad owner. There are some people that buy big strong dogs to look tuff and then train their dogs to be aggressive to get more attention; these are the people who make dog owners look bad. There are also gang members that fight Pit Bulls making the dog’s borderline insane and incredibly vicious; it is not natural for dogs to kill each other its anti-survival.
The only way to deal with the vicious dog problem is to go after the root of the problem not the symptom of the problem; creating laws that attack irresponsible dog owners is the only worthwhile solution. The costs of going after the dogs are heartbroken families and the deaths of countless dogs. I urge everyone to sign petitions as soon as another ban is being debated because now the ignorant are going after Pit Bulls, German Shepherds’ and Rottweiler’s but soon they may come for your dog as well.
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