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Bring your Boston for a while and see how it goes. If worse comes to worse and you realize you can't keep her there then you can give her back to your parents. You should get settled before you get a new dog. And even if you can't have a dog you have your bunny.
This. Even with the best intentions I've seen having animals not work out in a college situation. I'm NOT saying that things won't work out with you but, of course, we do need to think about what's best for the animals in a situation. If your family is ok with you taking the dog with you then I'd do that. If for some reason things really aren't working out then the dog shouldn't have any issues going back to live with your family. I suppose that if you find out down the line that a Boston really doesn't fit in with your lifestyle then she could go back to live with your parents. Some would jump on me for saying that (too much instability for the dog), but in my experience a well adjusted dog will do just fine going from one stable household with people he knows to another.

Figuring out what to do with a new dog in the event things didn't work out could be a lot more complicated. You're also famliar with this dog's routines, habits, and quirks. Having to figure out a new dog while in the process of moving in and adjusting does not sound like a good idea to me, regardless of the mental and emotional benefits it may afford you. I would not recommend it, especially if you want to have a dog immediately or soon after moving. Even if you'd be ok waiting a month to settle in before jumping into new dog ownership it would make a little more sense, but I don't know what your timeline is. Were it me I'd take the boston.
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