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In my opinion, two things would happen. Either you're going to not be fully devoted to the studies and the necessary socializing or not fully devoted to the dog.

I'd approach that with caution.

I live alone and work your regular 8-5 job where I rarely stay later. After work, I spend most of my free time with the dog, and I still feel that he could use more. He's not neglected and he gets more excercise than VAST majority of dogs, but it's still a challenge.

If I had to had classes, schoolwork, trying to do some socializing and taking care of a dog (this means doing more than just taking them out for a couple walks), I'd not have time for anything and something would have to give.

In my opinion, dogs are like children. They need more than just potty breaks and walks. They need socialization and interaction. So, in a way, it's like you'd be going to school while taking care of a child.
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