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It is definitely doable, but you are going to have to put your pup before yourself. I have a six month old little guy and I am currently in law school. It is hard, but coming home to sloppy kisses and tail wags after an (at most) 8 hour day of torture is wonderful.

And I totally get where you are coming from about the anxiety and wanting an animal- it is how I ended up with my guy. I have really bad anxiety and my dogs at home kept me sane, but a word of caution: your anxiety may get worse in the beginning. When I got my pup my anxiety went through the dang roof. Between him, being homesick (I moved about two months prior to getting him), and school there was a lot to manage. I waited to long in asking for some help from my color (adjusted my medication) and my grades definitely suffered for it... so what I am trying to say is- know yourself. Ask for help as soon as you start feeling overwhelmed, don't wait like I did.

Good luck!
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