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I love my BC like I've never loved a breed before, but as someone who has one - don't do it. They require a TON of mental stimulation, way more mental than physical exercise is required. More than you can reasonably give if you aren't very invested (I'm home all day with mine) You might get lucky and get a lower-energy BC, but I doubt it. I have at laugh at those Kong Genius toys, because my BC empties them in under 2 minutes. And she wants to work. And work. And work. And she's only 6 months old. I think it's passed the "desire to please" trait some breeds have, I think it's an inner desire to work for themselves because they enjoy it so much. They are quite intense.

My Aussie is way more laid back. He's easy to train, but because he knows it makes me happy, not necessarily because he enjoys it. He again needs way more mental stimulation than physical exercise (although both my guys get around 2 hours a day). I would also be very surprised if a breeder would even consider you for an Aussie/BC without a yard, it's a requirement for all the breeders I spoke to. If you do end up pursuing the Aussie path, I would highly recommend you go for the Standard and not the Miniature American Shepherd. Depending on the sire/dam you can get a "mini" that is nearly the size of a Standard, or a standard that is quite small. In addition, the majority of the minis I meet are off-the-wall neurotic and crazy. So really make sure you meet the parents and see them in action.

I'm not saying don't get one, but I would wait until you're done school and are more settled. Smart just means they get into real trouble without an outlet, and oh boy can they find themselves in trouble ;)
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