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So Ive been looking into some breeds I never really considered until recently. One being Cardis. I really like their temperament and demeanor, at least from what Ive read. They seem to have a more "calm" personality compared to Pems. More independent and not a "never met a stranger" type which is a plus for me. I also like their looks and while on not a giant fan of long backed/short legged breeds Cardis arent too extreme in that department imo. One of the downsides is there arent a ton of breeders...a decent amount but still...I like having tons of options As a side note I would probably sell my soul for a Fluffy merle or brindle...

So back to my topic. Does anyone know any breeds that youve found are similar to Cardis in temperament & energy? Same size range preferably...doesnt have to be a dwarf though.

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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