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All right so I'm inexperienced got me there, nvr said i was. Guess i could see it being a hobby in a way since i do it. And yea i can agree with me needing to do testing and learning more about genetic issues. No i don't know the words or how to spell them guess I'm ignorant on that issue.
I guess i got frustrated due to you gentlemen an ladies (if there are any who commented) being experienced and right away started bagging on me about this.

So as far as getting my dogs fixed guess I'll be doing that since i found out that the next possible litter can put a strain on my female and i do not plan on giving her any more complications, plus it would be wise to learn more about breeding.

Thanks for your time an advice, the good and bashed on. ?
Im very glad to hear you admit to being a breeder and inexperienced and that you are going to get the dogs spayed its the kindest thing for me and you.

on here we have learnt through research about backyard breeders and puppy mills and what a responsible breeder is( gets dogs health tested, genetic testing, x rays etc, plans the litter and often the breeders have many titles to their dog from winning obedience, agility and so on.

on here we just dont want to see any backyard breeders who breed litters, dont understand about breeding and so on because it adds to the population of pups on streets after owners give up, pups and dogs ending in shelters for rehome if they dont get put to sleep first.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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